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Owner | Head Trainer

I understand the confusion, frustration and helplessness that comes from living with a dog whose
behaviour is chaotic and difficult. I’ve worked with scores of people who have felt that, despite their
best efforts, they don’t feel in control of their dog, and they feel that they’ve found themselves
feeling trapped and isolated in a situation they can’t resolve.

I can help you and your dog, whatever the problem. Dangerous aggression to animals or people,
pulling, lunging, possessiveness over food or toys or, destroying things, simple disobedience; all of
these things can be rectified through consistent training methods and clear communication.
I’ve spent 25 years combining work with challenging people in Criminal Justice settings, with
coaching seriously damaged rescue dogs back to balance and positive behaviour before they move
on to forever homes.

In early 2015, I began offering behavioural support and pet mentoring services to a few unsolicited
referrals. The successes I achieved led me to reduce my Criminal Justice work and focus exclusively on
working with difficult dogs and their owners. I travelled to California to train with Sean O’Shea and
Jeff Gelman of The Good Dog Training & Rehabilitation – world leaders in changing difficult dogs –
and worked with them on planning and delivering their first ever seminars in the UK.

I work with the dog, to understand and change their behaviour. I work with you to show you how to
maintain the kind of positive change that allow you to enjoy your time with your dog to the fullest.