Edinburgh dog leash training - Dogs on a walk

"Trish has an innate understanding of dogs and their needs. She saw immediately, when she visited us and our dog Sammy at home, how we could help him by putting in boundaries and letting him know we were in charge, so that he felt safe. Now that we have done this he is a calmer, happier dog. Trish is reassuringly calm and assertive with Sammy and also with us - supporting us to think about and change our own behaviour, indoors and out and about, to help Sammy. Thank you"


Edinburgh behaviour modification - dog walk through woods

"I can highly recommend Tricia Bowerbank. She is interested in helping people understand their dogs and is very approachable and trustworthy. My dog loves to see her when she comes to visit or if we meet up for a training walk. Tricia also offers dog boarding and I trust her completely with my dog when we are away on holiday. She has helped me beyond words!"
 - Deborah

Edinburgh dog behaviour modification - shaggy dog running in snow

“Tricia, it always amazes me how you are able to calm my own and other dogs so quickly and really get on their wavelength. You’ve done amazing work with troubled dogs, giving them a new lease of life and always with compassion and a deep understanding of how to help them respond to calm authority. Keep up the good work!”
-Andrew L

"I have worked with Trish for over 10 years now, when we first met I liked dogs but did not have the confidence and was wary of any new ones I was introduced too. I think this was due to the stereotypes people put on different breeds of dogs. That’s when Trish started training me, she started to build my confidence around them telling me the do’s and don’ts and built up my trust with the dogs and also them with me.

Once I felt more confident we would start with structured walks and command training. By doing this I felt fantastic about introducing my young daughter to the dogs and she followed the same training plan. Trish then introduced me to more dogs and dogs that she was training as I have great trust in Trish and how she works her magic with dogs over time I help out with some of her people aggressive dogs (this is something I would never have dreamed of doing) I not only trusted Trish with myself I trusted her with my daughter. Having been through training myself with Trish and watched how she turns families lives around with the training she does with both dogs and their humans, I would highly recommend her she has changed my life".                    

Sarah L.

"I have 2 big working breed dogs (German Shepherd and Malamute) and a mixed , sensitive little dog, all very excitable and at times uncontrollable with one setting off the other. Although the Shepherd was a former Police K9 he finds it difficult to ‘switch off’ and relax. Trish has taught them

all to relax through duration work and trick training making my home a more peaceful environment for us all. The calm that Trish exudes is evident in her training approach and the results she produces. Thank you so much life is a breeze".                 


"Tricia was wonderful with our old tyme bulldog. He came to us as a rescue and with very little manners. Walking him was impossible because he would pull so badly and was easily distracted with other dogs. He pulled me off my feet on more than one occasion.

Tricia spent time and showed us how to divert his attention to us as well as making sure his walks were structured and fulfilling. Soon he was walking to heel and far more attentive to what we required of him.

Thank you so much Tricia"                                                                                                                                          

Lyn M.

"My boy Jack came to me as a rescue, who had been found tied to a shop-dumped. He had three legs and was very much his own dog. He was wild, stubborn, didnt like people he didnt know and wasnt shy of showing it. At the time, I lived on a very busy street with a dog who attracted a lot of attention. I couldnt afford to have him show any aggression. I took him to Tricia, who somehow figured out the triggers for his behaviour, and worked with him to teach him that he didnt need to be suspicious of new people. In the space of three sessions, he was a different dog, and I had no concern at all about walking him in busy places". 

Colin D. 

"Tricia speaks dog! My nervous pup was able to go from anxious barking with other dogs to relaxed walking incredibly quickly. Trish doesnt just have a gift for dog behaviour, she can explain really well WHY dogs react the way they do and helped me interact with my dog in a way that made us both feel comfortable when out for walks". 

Andy M. 

"I am without hesitation happy to recommend dog behaviouralist Patricia Bowerbank - Trish. 

Rosie, our dog had been well socialised as a pup but at 1 became very reactive to strange dogs and people which made every walk stressful and unpleasant for all involved. I was at my wits end!! 

Trish helped us understand Rosie and how to manage what we termed her 'aggressive behaviour'. She spent time getting to know Rosie and us, watching our interaction ...then carefully explained corrective measures to help our situation and relationship - without making us feel guilty, stupid or at fault.  Her advice proved invaluable. 

Trish was always kind, patient and calm with Rosie and us.   I am happy to now call Trish a friend of the family. We fully trust her with Rosie and found her techniques, advice, suggestions and knowledge brilliant. 
Thank you"!

Deborah, Murrayfield, Edinburgh

"Trish is an amazing person who truley cares about dogs. She is such a talented trainer that helps families enjoy their dog in everyday life".

Tori S.

"Absolutely over the moon with Coopers progress after seeing Trish last Tuesday he is a lot
calmer and happier and has not barked or lunged at cars or people since. We still have a way to
go with me becoming a strong pack leader but now I know how! I will be recommending BWKH
to everyone. Thank you so much"!

Sarah F.

"I cant tell you how impressed I was by the session we did yesterday and how
effective it has been in such a short time, and I mean for both the dog and myself!
We carried out or structured walk today, had a wander about session in the gardens
and then finished off with "threshold" and "place" when we got home. I have also
spoken to a number of friends with dogs that have various issues and recommended
they get in touch. I hope they do, because it would benefit them greatly.
I much appreciated the time and personal input from you which just makes all the
difference in achieving the self confidence required to continue with the process".
Jackie E

"I cannot recommend or thank Tricia enough for all the help my Border Collie Archie received
during his two weeks board and train. Archie had developed some aggression issues and the
ecollar training helped him overcome his triggers. Tricia’s compassion and warm personality,
combined with her total professionalism left me in no doubt that my dog was in the best hands
possible and he received the highest of care within the two weeks. I now have a dog that can
have total off lead freedom. He came home a much happier, more balanced dog due to the
quality of the tools and training he received. Forever grateful".

Samantha L.

"We met Tricia after a cry for help with my non dog friendly dog. I wouldn't feel comfortable walking Henry near other dogs, in fear of being pulled over. I'd tried various trainers and techniques, non worked. After a few visits from Tricia teaching me and Henry, he is much calmer and happier. We still have a way to go but at least I feel confident walking near other dogs now.

Tricia, Thank you for your care and dedication towards us both. I highly recommend your techniques, Thank you.

Ann D.

"When I was younger, I was quite scared of dogs - so when I had met Trish who had two dogs which seemed almost as tall as me at the time, I was a little alarmed, but with some time she had taught me how to interact with them and within a few weeks I could confidently walk them. Since working with her I have actually helped my friends with their dogs when it comes to their obedience and how to make sure their dogs are walking with them, and not taking their owners for a walk instead. Its safe to say that I am one of the biggest dog people now. Trish is very patient and understanding person when it comes to anyone, humon or dog. I'd recommend her to anyone".

Amy L.

"As a family we were considering getting a dog but as first time owners we didn't know where to start so we got in touch with Tricia. She was able to offer advice about older dogs versus puppies and on which kind of breed would suit us. Tricia has a great knowledge of the behavioural traits of lots of breeds which helped us narrow down out choice. We also got advice about where to look for further information and we look forward to working with her again when out puppy arrives".

Catherine F.

"Ive had first hand experience with Tricia. Tricia worked through with myself running, sitting & my body language. Tricia was very good at explaining how I should hold the dog leash and my body language towards the dog. My commands got better as the sessions moved along. My dog responded well to me putting myself at ease. I got my dog to sit for a certain length of time, Come to me, run and sit".