2 Week - £1,000.00

3 Week - £2,000.00

4 Week - £2,500.00

The Board and Train experience is our most popular programme. It is an immersive lifestyle programme allowing us to assess your dog throughout the day and night. Your dog will be submerged into our daily home routine of structure, rules and supervised play and socialisation.  Living at home with me it allows your dog to learn and practice positive behaviours. This is a great option for owners that are looking for excellent obedience and maximum comfort with their dog.

All work is aimed at building happiness and balance in your pet, allowing them, you and your family to live together in harmony.

Rather than ‘training in’ a few commands, leaving underlying issues unaddressed, the board and train experience seeks to develop a calm, happy balanced state of mind in your dog, allowing positive behaviours and command training to follow on naturally.

Board and train can be particularly appropriate for dogs which show;

  • Human Aggression

  • Dog Aggression

  • Resource Guarding/Possessiveness

  • Anxiety, including separation anxiety.

  • Fear

  • Reactivity on Lead

The packages includes 3 hours (split over 2 visits) of one-on-one teaching and training of our techniques and the use of tools.