Our one on one training works with you and your dog over three sessions to assess the issues, work
on your dog, and support you to develop the skills to maintain the change we’ve achieved together.

I will assess your dog in their home environment, implement some carefully selected training with
your dog, explaining what I am doing and why I have chosen these methods, and work with you to
practice the training methods. I use a variety of approaches depending on issue, the sensitivity of
your dog, and the cues that motivate them and shift them out of the rut they may be in.

Following the final session, I will put together a training plan to assist you to keep up the work.

One on one training is suitable for dogs which show
• Issues in the house, (chewing, destruction, barking at windows, rushing the front door,
invading personal space)
• Issues on the walk (lunging, snapping, growling, barking, pulling, reactions to other dogs)
• General disobedience, or failure to respond to common commands (sit, down, stay,
place, thresholds, come/recall)

£50 per hour for four hour long sessions, generally divided in to two hour longs sessions.

Sessions normally take place over a period of 14 to 21
days .

Total £200.00